Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Holiness is something that has always been slightly more difficult for me than for other people.  Or, at least that's my perception.  Yet, when I try to be "holy" I always feel somewhat at a disadvantage to the people around me.

It's not just the church people - I have a lot of friends and aquaintances who seem to just be good people.  And there I am, cursing at the traffic or being critical of <everything> and wondering why I can't seem to get a real handle on things.

So when Pastor Les preached about holiness this past Sunday, I was surprisingly surprised. 

Being 51 and a church brat, I have probably heard it all, or so I thought.

Here's a link to the sermon if you get a chance to listen to it:


One thing that hit me was his statement about people who know they're saved, who love and trust the Lord, but they can't seem to climb up to the next level of spirituality.  He said it's about holiness. And I cringed.

Because I know all the right words.  And the right things to do.  And I know that Jesus is my Savior and I'm off to heaven when I'm done here.  I know all these things.  But then life comes, circumstances veer off into the oncoming traffic, and I sit and wonder why I can't be like everyone else.

To which you say, everyone else has their stuff too. 

In any case, we're beginning a study in the Epistles of John on Sunday nights, and I'm kind of excited, because that's one set of books I haven't really delved into much.  And the first thing that 1John says is, "I have seen it, I have heard it, I have experienced it." 

I know "Try not, do or do not." But still I try.  My prayers this week, along with kids and grandkids and extended family and David and how to pay the rent, are more like looking for victories, no matter how small. 

I woke up on time; I have a job to go to and a bus pass to take me there; I got to spend some time with my younger granddaughter yesterday; I got to talk to David today.  All things which help me remember that God is with me and I can be more of a glass-half-full kind of girl. 

Step by step, I'm trying holiness.